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MacHAL 9000 Featuring WinHAL 9000

Welcome to the home of MacHAL 9000. The resources available here will provide you with a superb Macintosh startup sequence based of the pictures and sounds from Stanley Kubrick's ground-breaking film "2001: A Space Odyssey". The effect is similar to that seen in Independence Day when Jeff Goldblum starts up his Apple Macintosh PowerBook on the way to save the World.

Windows users will also find Edgar Hindeminth's Windows port which creates a similar effect on Windows-based computers.

MacHAL 9000 will show you an original rendering of the HAL 9000 eye and speaker unit while your Macintosh extensions load up and the haunting voice will ring out: "I am completely operational, and all my circuits are functioning perfectly."

See and hear what you get

Use these links to get an idea of that MacHAL 9000 looks and sounds like.


Hear HAL

The MacHAL 9000 artwork featured on this page and contained in the MacHAL 9000 kit is copyright Nigel C. Eastmond, 1997. Users are free to download the artwork and use it privately in any way they see fit. However, no party may use the pictures for their own commercial or public domain projects unless expressed permission is provided by Nigel C. Eastmond. Audio resources, HAL 9000 and 2001: A Space Odyssey are copyright Metro Goldwyn-Mayer, 1968. Independence Day is copyright Centropolis Film Productions, 1996. Animations are courtesy of Mike L. Jackson. AE-35 rendering is courtesy of John W. Fleck. Decor appears courtesy of Francois Pottier.


Download Area Please remember to option (alt)-click the download links

Download MacHAL 9000

Download Francois Pottier's Decor Decor is ONLY for Macintosh users who do not run MacOS 8. If you run MacOS 8, then you can use Apple's Desktop Pictures control panel to install your HAL picture. This download is held on Francois' server in France.

Download Edgar Hindemith's WinHAL 9000 16-bit for Windows 3.1x

Download Edgar Hindemith's WinHAL 9000 32-bit for Windows NT/95 and 98

Technical Support

Should you experience difficulties with your installation of MacHAL 900 or WinHAL 9000, then the following email addresses may be useful. Please remember that Nigel Eastmond only created the art for MacHAL 9000. The functionality of it is afforded by the inherent abilities of the Macintosh operating system and by Decor. WinHAL 9000 was written by Edgar Hindemith using Nigel Eastmond's original artwork.

MacHAL 9000: Currently, Nigel Eastmond is not contactable by email owing to a relocation. However, we realize that Macs are so damn simple, it's unlikely that you will encounter any problems.

WinHAL 9000: Edgar Hindemith

Decor: Francois Pottier


Who is HAL?

HAL 9000 is a computer. Or rather, he was a computer. In actual fact, he will be a computer. By this I mean that HAL 9000 was a machine conjured up in the minds of Arthur C. Clarke and Stanley Kubrick for the 1968 film "2001: A Space Odyssey". The subject of the film was the set of extremely mysterious events that occur on a future mission to Jupiter in the year 2001. In the storyline, HAL was switched on in the year 1997.

HAL was portrayed as a unique computer. He was shown as of one of the first artificial intelligence machines that could truly think for itself. In the film, he was given control over the day-to-day running of the Jupiter mission spacecraft, the USS Discovery. The craft was a staggeringly beautiful ship in the shape of a gigantic sewing pin, hurtling head-first through the depths of the Solar System to rendevous with a strange alien object orbiting the planet of Jupiter. But the ship was not a happy one. The crew knew not of the secret extra-terrestrial mission objectives, only of the original planetary survey ones. Only four people on board knew the real purpose of the mission; the three scientists in hibernation awaiting revival at Jupiter, and the omnipresent ships computer HAL. In addition, HAL had been programmed not to reveal any information about the alien object to the two-man flight crew of Frank Poole and David Bowman.

Concealing the mission objectives flight crew caused a problem for HAL. He would eventually be forced to tell a lie; an action that was contrary to the fundamentals of his programming. How could HAL possibly conceal the mission objectives from the flight crew while not telling a lie? In the course of his reasoning, HAL came to the horrifying decision that he had to kill Poole and Bowman.





Page design and construction by N.C. Eastmond 1998. Animations by Mike L. Jackson. AE-35 rendering by John W. Fleck.

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