HAL Links on the Web :

The latest information on the construction of USS Discovery may be obtained by visiting the National Council on Astronautics site.

Users of Macintosh and it's inferior operating system clone Windows may download a version of the MacHAL and WindowsHAL Emulator System Hopefully you will all consider upgrading to the HAL9000 OS.
It's more than an OS, it's HAL.

Graphic web sites about HAL &
"2001 : A Space Odyssey":

Dennis Gonzales
2001 : A Space Odyssey Collectibles Exhibit

The voice impression of HAL heard briefly in the screen saver is courtesy of Wally Fields. More of his impressions can be heard at his web site. Thanks go out to Wally for this wonderful recreation of HAL's voice.

Underman's giant "2001 : 30 Years On" site
A Must See Site : Probably the biggest and oldest 2001 site on the Web.

John Fleck's "2001 Project(s)"

Nigel Eastmond's "MacHAL and WinHAL"
Nigel's new website is here.

Rod Munday's huge Kubrick Resource sites
The Kubrick Site
(A compilation of new articles and archived information about Kubrick films on-line)

The 2001 : A Space Odyssey Original Cinema Program

(a MUST see!)

The New alt.movies.kubrick newsgroup FAQ
(A compilation of information on all Kubrick films on-line complied by Rod from posts in the alt.movies.kubrick newgroup)

George DeMet's "2001 Internet Resource Archive"
The definitive site for sound and image resources

Other sites related to HAL, 2001 & Stanley Kubrick :

HAL for Palm OS

The Kubrick Multimedia Film Guide

Roger Ebert's Review of "2001"

The 2001 Sound Archive

VFX-HQ : An Interview with Con Pederson, 2001's FX Supervisor

ANIMATION WORLD MAGAZINE : An Interview with Con Pederson, 2001's FX Supervisor

Interview with
Fred Ordway, 2001's Scientific Advisor

The Arthur C. Clarke Unauthorized Homepage

The 2001 Principle which plums the deeper meanings of the film.

Cyberfest '97 : The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign celebrates HAL's birth date.

Kubrick's 'Odyssey' keeps date with 2001 From the 2001 Internet Resource Archive, "2001" Re-release News!

2OO1 : A Space Odyssey and Beyond the Infinite

2OO1 : A Space Odyssey (A Shrine)

Dutch's Space Odyssey Dedication Page

2001: A Space Odyssey (Spanish)

2001: A Space Odyssey Personal Views

HAL Macdesktops

HAL's Legacy David Stork's book
HAL's Legacy The Book David Stork's book
If you're interested in learning the progress in the areas of computing and A.I. that will lead to a real HAL, these are must read sites.

Stoutman's HAL 9OOO Wavs

HAL's EyesHAL 9000

HAL 9000 (Spanish)

The 3OO1 Book Site

From Salon.com :
Brilliant Careers : Arthur C. Clarke (May 7, 2000)

R. Lee Ermey's Site

R Lee Ermey is probably most famous for playing U.S. Marine Gunny Sgt. Hartman in Stanley Kubrick's 1987 film about Vietnam "Full Metal Jacket". Ermey wasn't just acting the part, he'd been a real life Marine Corps Drill Instructor and won the part of Sgt. Hartman after being hired as a technical consultant to the film. Ermey has had a varied second career in the movies and has an entertaining site. Check it out!

2001 Modeling Links :

Digital Canvas' Wow! 2OO1 Page

2OO1: A Space Odyssey 3-D Modeling Archive

Cult TV Man's Modeling 2OO1

2OO1: A Space Odyssey In Virtual Reality

and lastly, but not least

Mr. Chank Diesel, the Web's foremost font provocateur
Chank makes great fonts and some of them are a free and was kind enough to give my HAL site it's first big linkage...


Artificial Intelligence Sites & Development :

Open Mind : The Open Mind Initiative is a collaborative framework for developing "intelligent" software using the internet. Based on the traditional open source method, it supports domain experts (who provide algorithms), tool developers (who provides software infrastructure and tools) and non-specialist "netizens" (who contribute raw data).

Cycorp (CYC) :  Cycorp, Inc., based in Austin, Texas, is the leading supplier of formalized common sense. Its Cyc® software has been under development since 1984 by AI pioneer Doug Lenat.

KurtzweilAI.net : Kurzweil Accelerating Intelligence Network is a Web showcase for the ideas and technologies of leading visionaries.

The Department of Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign :
This is one of the places that is the fictional "birthplace" of HAL. Check them out if you are interested in the current state of computer science.


Science Fiction Links :

Wil Wheaton.net
WiI Wheaton played Ensign Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation and got nothing but grief for the improbable 'Wes saves the day' plot lines the shows writers conceived for his character. Well, Wil has built himself a pretty entertaining web site and it's well worth a visit!

National Council on Astronautics Links :

NCA Home Page

Hibernation to be used aboard U.S.S. Discovery

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